Growing up in Indiana gave me great respect for the game of basketball.  Being the son, a player and an assistant coach for a Hall of Fame Coach gave me great respect for the fans and the support given by them.  The support given by all of you at both Indiana and Texas Tech is something that will always be cherished by Coach and our family.  

There have been a lot of accomplishments, celebrations, tears, and joy throughout the years which shows the passion each of you have for basketball being played the right way and winning.  Not only did Coach prepare us for the game of basketball, but he also prepared us for the game of life.  

As the Founder of Knight Legacy LLC, the purpose is to create a place to come together to honor, promote and preserve what Coach Knight has meant to the game of basketball and what his players, coaches, family, friends, and fans have meant to him.  We hope you enjoy our official website and social media links sharing history, memories, and memorabilia.  Thank you for being part of the Legacy.  

- Pat Knight